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  1. I have no words to describe how grateful I am to know your work!

    As soon as the first of the next month arrives I will be contributing to your work, I hope at least in a manner that will be considered a meaningful way to you. So you can count on receiving at least $500 in May.

    Another hope I have is that once you have completed your project that you might consider continuing a “podcast” of sorts which addresses the Canadian reality. As you know there is no one else doing so. I have been so amazed, happy, ecstatic, about your series; particularly when you denote the Cnd. reality. I state it in this manner because “we” already hear about these “issues” from the US and Euro point of view, but NOT from the view, or insight of a cnd.

    Oh, and with regard to Vancouver…I lived there for 20 years – in Strathcona – the first neighbourhood of Vancouver – and chose it for that very reason. Hailing from On. originally, but having lived and studied in the US. And for that reason am sharing with you another podcast that might help your sister decide whether to buy, rent or leave Vancouver.


    Nicole Fosså-38-hard-times/

    and another good one from them, today (even though I don’t share their ideas on a number of other subjects – this one was absolutely fantabulous!)

    Roughly 90% of the world’s economics professionals failed to see the current economic crisis forming on the horizon of the early 21st century. Many of them are now striving for stability through policies of refinancing and quantitative easing. While this class of economic thinkers have driven the planet’s policies for decades, their faulty logic is being exposed by structurally high unemployment and failing banks. Ben Bernanke and Mario Draghi are using central bank policies to prop up a system that’s imploding due to heavy debt burdens by using national deficits for attempts to accelerate private debt accumulation once again. Could one of the few economists that predicted the current financial crash outline a path forward for educating the next round of economists while providing an alternative to austerity?

    I think you’ll enjoy it!

    All the best to you, sweetheart!!!!!!!!!

    Your Cnd friend,


    • Hello,

      Thank you very much for your encouragement and support, and for the links provided, I will check them out. And I will definitely be providing more information on Canadian issues, as to how they relate to current events and the global crises developing. In fact, look for a few more articles to come out in the next week or so specifically related to Canada’s oligarchy and to the student movement here in Quebec. I will also do my best to continue discussing Canadian issues within my podcast.

      Thanks again,
      all the best,


  2. Hey saw you on RT. Really, It’s the banks vs. everyone else. Banks print money from nothing (even private banks) and loan the money at interest, Unless the monetary system perpetually expands, everyone is bankrupt since the interest is never created.

    Money as Debt:

    Secret of Oz:

    I’d encourage you and others like you to join the Freedom movement worldwide led by Ron Paul. If you want to see what this is attracting at UCLA, look at this short video.

    Also, it’s important to know about the history of money, which is worthless paper in Canada, ever since we were sold out in the 1970’s and had the gold and silver sold off to central Banks.

    You can see that video here: (use Google link)

    Also, I saw the book Trilateralism on your book shelf. I hope is so that you can see the treason of the “elite” trying to control the world. It’s important for each country and province to be as sovereign as possible. Remember, ALL income taxes go to pay interest only on the debt, which is created from nothing. In fact, income tax is SLAVERY, since it requires labour to create income.

    Check out some Ron Paul Books:

    Revolution: A Manifesto


    Also, is the BEST alternative news on the internet.

    Remember, you cannot trust ANY politician in the world. Except in my opinion Ron Paul, never voted against the Constitution in 30 years.

    Canada Needs to Regain its Sovereignty,

  3. Oh ya, I had to post this that climate “change” is a complete lie. It is caused by unmarked planes spraying aluminum with their exhaust and clouding up the sky and causing weather havoc around the world. It was started in 1996, and today is a massive operation. They are blocking out the sun. TOTAL TREASON.

    Here is the video on it:

    Governments only do one thing. LIE!

  4. Andrew,

    I enjoy your work, especially ‘Forging a “New World Order” Under a One World Government ‘.

    Are you related to Andrew William Marshall, known as “Yoda” inside the CIA?

    All the best

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